Each period has its own prominent models, but the most important issue you should pay attention to when choosing sneakers is the comfort of your feet. If you do not want to experience health problems in the long run, you should pay attention to some points when choosing sneakers.

1-You should buy sneakers that are suitable for your foot type.

Foot shapes can be grouped under three main headings: flat sole, normal and hollow sole. But every person's foot type and size is different. It is necessary to choose a shoe that is closer to the main heading. The shape of your foot, its arch,etc. If you have information about it, you can choose both more comfortable and healthier shoes.

2- Just like the foot type, the foot number is also very important.

Depending on the age, your shoe size may change or the numbers may change due to the molds of your shoes. You should make your choice based on these points.

3- You should choose  sneakers that allow your feet to breathe.

When buying shoes, you should pay attention to the inside and outside parts. You should choose shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Especially in the summer months, shoes that your feet will not breathe in can cause both bad odor and problems such as fungus.

4- Your sneakers should not be loose or narrow on your feet.

When you wear your sneakers, your heel should fit comfortably. Your shoes should neither be loose nor narrow, they should also make your ankle comfortable. Your fingers should not be caught in the sneakers; You should be able to move your fingers freely.

5- The sole of your shoes is important

The sole of the shoe is one of the important parts of the shoe. The sole must distribute the load on the shoe correctly and keep it balanced. The sole should not be too hard and should be able to stretch. The heel should also be soft and thick. However, if you are using your shoes while training, you can use shoes with harder soles.



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